All types of tests

Name/ Last period of time year3monthsmonth
# of countries17300
# of Autonomous Systems (AS)251500
# of UUIDs1645000
# of IP addresses3329300
# of tests296838800
# of Different Locations (based on IP lat,lon)854500
Avg. # of tests per client (UUID)180.4
Median over period of avg(median) # of tests per unique IP per day22.2 (14.0)22.2 (14.0)22.2 (14.0)
Median over period of avg(median) # of tests per unique IP per day (DASH)9.5 (7.0)9.5 (7.0)9.5 (7.0)

Top 20 countries (number of tests, all types of tests considered)      (World detailed locations )

146.2% US
27.3% BR
36.8% CA
46.5% GB
53.7% AU
62.4% IT
72.4% ES
82.2% DE
91.7% ZA
101.5% NZ
111.4% FR
121.3% IN
131.2% NL
141.1% PT
150.8% IL
160.7% MX
170.6% SE
180.6% JP
190.6% AR
200.5% AT

Top 20 Autonomous Systems (number of tests, all types of tests considered)

(see here for download speed histograms)

Position year3monthsmonth
111.0% US AS7922 Comcast Cable Communications, LLC
24.1% US AS7018 AT&T Services, Inc.
32.3% US AS701 MCI Communications Services, Inc. d/b/a Verizon Business
42.2% US AS22773 Cox Communications Inc.
52.1% US AS20115 Charter Communications
61.9% BR AS28573 CLARO S.A.
71.8% US AS209 Qwest Communications Company, LLC
81.5% GB AS5089 Virgin Media Limited
91.4% US AS5650 Frontier Communications of America, Inc.
101.4% US AS20001 Time Warner Cable Internet LLC
111.3% US AS11427 Time Warner Cable Internet LLC
121.3% US AS10796 Time Warner Cable Internet LLC
131.2% GB AS2856 British Telecommunications PLC
141.2% AU AS1221 Telstra Pty Ltd
151.1% US AS6128 Cablevision Systems Corp.
161.0% CA AS6327 Shaw Communications Inc.
170.9% CA AS812 Rogers Communications Canada Inc.
190.9% CA AS577 Bell Canada
200.9% US AS11426 Time Warner Cable Internet LLC
220.7% US AS30036 Mediacom Communications Corp
230.7% CA AS852 TELUS Communications Inc.
240.6% US AS12083 WideOpenWest Finance LLC
250.6% GB AS6871 British Telecommunications PLC
260.6% FR AS3215 Orange
270.6% US AS11351 Time Warner Cable Internet LLC
280.6% PT AS12353 Vodafone Portugal - Communicacoes Pessoais S.A.
290.6% US AS46562 Total Server Solutions L.L.C.
300.5% ES AS15704 Xtra Telecom S.A.

Graphs of tests over time

Period of time for which clients have been active (single client are identified by the UUID)

Histograms of download speeds of top AS

(each considered speed is the average seen by an IP in a single day with various test types; 99.000% samples shown)

(Test list: raw   speedtest   bittorrent   dash   )

Test raw

Test speedtest

Test bittorrent

Test dash